Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bobr Cup 2007

Bobr Cup 2007 - sweet team race (run, bike, wild water) with many celebrities at the start :)


Final drop

Ajo & Fefo




Alča & Vierka

Ms. Stanley alias V...



Monika at the start with her audience.

Juro & Lukáš with deserved award!

me & bro

Monday, October 1, 2007

race in Čunovo

I have been waiting the whole year for this while and finally I finished 1st in Cunovo. The competition was really rough - Youth Danubia Cup :) Probably I was the oldest around except for judges! It was really fun. 6 runs in one day - 3 races, 35 athletes together in all categories (average age 15), 22 degrees, sun... In the evening we went to the concert in Bratislava - Polemic, SkaPraSupina! Ska rulez! Afterwards we moved to the wedding of Eva Hochschornerova, it was very nice party, on a big riverboat with all friends... sweet!