Saturday, March 28, 2009

video from the race in Penrith

This is my video from one race earlier this month in Australia. (Aussie selection race)
I finished 2nd, Jana Dukatova won, Rose Lawrence in 3rd place.
(and sorry for the shitty sound of the video, it was in some weird format and I couldnt remove the sound of water or add a song...)

my new boat

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


For the last 8 weeks me, my brother and many others have been training in Australia. It was mostly really hot with perfect conditions for training and racing.

Here are results from the last Aussie selection race:

I finished 7nd at Australian Open, at other races 2nd and 5th (Aussie selection), 3th (PVC race)... Mato won all the races!!

Link for the article about Australian Open in English:

Here is his winning video from Australian Open:

or here

this is the official video from World Series:

Also we had some fun times traveling, chilling out, going 2 the beach, mountains, city, ZOO, ice-skating!........ and of course paddling, paddling, paddling...

few pictures: