Monday, September 22, 2008

University World Champs - Bratislava

Its been a long time since my last update, I'm ashamed... too many races, too much traveling, fun, friends, school, finishing my BA degree ... Anyway, the very last race of the season - University World Champs in Bratislava - is over... And finally Ive won some bigger race! :)

On Sunday the slalom race was only one hour after the sprint one. It was about 8 degrees and very windy!! For me that meant that I was cold since I went to warm up at 8:30 a.m and had no time to be stressed before my slalom race. In the end it has showed as a good tactics cause I won with two solid runs without making any bigger mistake... soooo stoked!!

1st - Dana Beňušová
241.43 (4)
2nd - Jana Dukátová +03.04
3rd - Bouzidi Carole +03.65

here are my slalom results:

In C1 my brother Matej Beňuš finished 2nd behind well paddling Alexander Slafkovský, followed by French Pierre Laberelle in the 3rd place.
Cousins Škantar-Škantar won the C2 category. In K1 men dominated Mateusz Polaczyk in front of the 2006 world champion Stefano Cipressi, in 3rd came Natmessnig Herwig.

In downriver sprint I finished 2nd +03.14 behind French Malaterre Sixtine, 3rd was Italian paddler Merola Andrea. My result was pretty surprising for me, especially after all the Czech favourites failed to race well...
In K1 men local slalom paddler Marcel Potočný kicked everybody's ass and won!! My brother finished on the fine 8th place - although he is normally paddling C1.

My sprint results:

Plus few pictures from our Kiwi mates - thanx!

K1 women slalom - 2nd Dukátová, 1st Beňušová, 3rd Bouzidi

C1 men - Beňuš, Slafkovský, Labarelle

K1 women sprint - Beňušová, Malaterre, Merola

K1 men sprint - Bonnetain, 1st Potočný, Schofield